North of Lake Superior

Near Hwy 17 north of Sault St. Marie, Batchawana Bay 20101003 nsuperior D1blurb 6754 : NorthSup_Trip_Oct10 Rich autumn colour accompanies the traveller Chippawa River
Fishing in the Chippawa River Entering Pancake Bay Park Pancake Bay On Hwy. 17
20101003 nsuperior 6754 The Navigator 20101003 nsuperior 6758 We decided against walking this trail
Another 400 m Not an easy Walk Agawa Rock - Indian Pictograph 1 Indian Pictograph 2
Agawa Rock Indian Pictograph 3 Indian Pictograph 4 20101003 nsuperior 6810
The Navigator makes a discovery Wawa's Information Centre 20101003 nsuperior 6821 The Mayor says Hi!
Hwy 17 at Wawa CPR track near Marathon Near Marathon Hydro at work
A good place to stay Martin Jurgeit 20101004 nsuperior 7086 Aguasabon Gorge and Falls near Terrace Bay
Aguasabon Gorge Aguasabon River meets Lake Superior Terrace Bay Beach Beach at Terrace Bay
Rock off Terrace Bay 20101004 nsuperior 6949 One of the many hiking trails Lichen covered Rock
Lichen Aguasabon River meets Lake Superior 20101004 nsuperior 6980 Hydro Bay
Great Food at Rossport Rainbow Falls 1 Rainbow Falls 2 20101004 nsuperior 7031
Cobble Beach Cobbles Kayakers Near Kama Bay
Kama Bay CPR Freight Kama Bay East of Nipigon Jackfish River 1
Colourful rocks at Jackfish River Rocks at Jackfish River 1 Rocks at Jackfish River 2 Rocks at Jackfish River 3
Jackfish River 2 Jackfish River 3 Rocks at Jackfish River 4 Pancake rock
Kama Rock Day's end at Kama Bay 20101005 nsuperior 7414 20101005 nsuperior D3 blurb 7424 : NorthSup_Trip_Oct10
Near Red Rock Looking for Direction Hence the Name Red Rock Inn
History of Logging Red Rock Highschool Not the busiest track Eagle Canyon
Eagle Canyon from the 300 ft Bridge Bridge over Eagle Canyon 600 ft of swaying excitement I did it!
One Scary Suspension Bridge Don't be such a Wimp, Fido! Quimet Canyon, looking South 1 Bridges over Eagle Canyon plus Zip Line
Eagle Canyon's Two Suspension Bridges Quimet Canyon Quimet Canyon, looking South 2 Bridge to Quimet Canyon
Lookout at Kakabeka Falls Kakabeka Falls 1 Kakabeka Falls 2 Kakabeka Falls 3
Late Sunlight on Kakabeka Falls 20101006 nsuperior 7448 At the Fort Fort_William : NorthSup_Trip_Oct10
Stockade Gate to the Fort Barrels of Hulled Corn Good place for your Laptop
Dining Room Ammunition Storage Living Room Bed Room
Writing Desk Apothecary Hospital Ward Packages waiting for transport
Lord Nelson presides in the Dining Room Dining Room for the Garisson Fleet in Storage Dressmaker's Establishment
Ready for Delivery Carpenter Shop 1 Carpenter Shop 2 Please Point in Direction of Arrow
Farm at the Fort Sea Lion Rock Near Sea Lion Rock Cemetery Plaque
Silver Islet Grave Site 1 Silver Islet Grave Site 2 Silver Islet Grave Site 3 R.I.P.
Tamarisks on the Sleeping Giant Peninsula Late Colour at Sleeping Giant 20101007 nsuperior 7865 20101007 nsuperior D5 blurb 7746 : NorthSup_Trip_Oct10
CPR Siding Lake Superior near Jackfish Volcanic Rock Precarious Existence
More Cobbles South of CPR Site 200 ft North of the Beach Jackfish Townsite has to be here somewhere
Oops - Traffic on the Line! Strange Structure Nearly Missed extinct Civilization Former Habitation
Jackfish Townsite Wait until Holmes sees this a Ghost Town Signs of recent Life
RR Track Returning to the Siding Here comes the Freight The Lake at Marathon
Beach at Marathon Cobbles at Marathon Driftwood at Marathon The Clear Blue Waters of Lake Superior
Trail in Marathon On Top of Hawks Ridge 110 m above Marathon The Trail can be a bit difficult
Hydro near Michipicoten Lookout near Michipicoten : NorthSup_Trip_Oct10 Magpie High Falls 1 Magpie High Falls 2
Magpie High Falls 3 Recognition of Rotary's Contribution Late Fall Silver Falls
Michipicoten River cascades to the Lake Welcome to Superior Lookout View from Superior Lookout 20101009 nsuperior 8099
Pickerel River Road : NorthSup_Trip_Oct10 French River Road The Country of the Beaver Arrowhead Lake
Canoes at Arrowhead Lake Late Colour 20101009 nsuperior 8152 Going Home
Mayflower Lake 20101009 nsuperior 8166 20101009 nsuperior 8200 Muskoka Autumn